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fort lauderdale jobsGiven Fort Lauderdale's position as a prime vacation destination, it is not surprising that tourism and related industries represent an important segment of local employment. In fact, tourism accounts for $20 billion each year locally.

A quick perusal of any jobs database or listing for the area will reveal literally dozens of opportunities related to the travel and hospital sectors. The 2002 census reports that more than 145,000 residents of Broward County are employed in service related jobs including arts, entertainment, hospitality, etc. Also according to the census, the mean annual family income for Broward County is $46,175, with three-quarters of local families earning more than $25,000 per year.

Something to be considered is that because of the importance of tourism to the economy in Fort Lauderdale and because of the city's unique geographic situation, many job opportunities exist here that are generally very hard to come by across the country. For example, individuals with experience in tropical wetland plant and animal care will find employment opportunities in local Evergladesí attractions and conservation centers that simply do not exist in other places. It is true that the local tourism and hospitality industries took a hit after the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and in the ensuing economic slowdown; however, things are looking better on this economic front. In fact, local officials say that area tourism related businesses are on much stronger footing to weather disturbances of a geopolitical nature than they were in the early 1990's. For one thing, hotels have less debt than they did at that point and access to lower interest rates. In Broward County and Palm Beach, there is an estimated 800 hotels.

fort lauderdale help wanted recruitment recruitersAnother point is that Fort Lauderdale has tapped into a much more diverse group of visitors, relying less heavily on any one particular demographic group. The selection of Fort Lauderdale for conventions, expositions and other types of meetings by a wide range of travelers (such as civic, scientific, sports-related, and religious organizations) puts the city on a much firmer footing than a decade ago. The city has hired professionals to attract previously underappreciated demographic segments like gay tourists.

So if you are considering a geographic change, think of Fort Lauderdale for more than just a short trip. Those already working in the tourism industry will likely experience a relatively easy job hunt and a smooth transition to the area. Those contemplating a change in employment fields will find many entry-level opportunities that will not exist elsewhere. Then you will be more than one of the lucky folks who spends vacation time in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, you will be one of the even luckier folks who live here.

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